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Shoobie App

About Shoobie

Shoobie is the easiest way to know if it's the right time for you and your family to go to the beach.

In a couple of seconds, Shoobie will tell you if the tide is right, show you the UV Index, and provide an estimate of how long you can stay under the sun (of course it's not medical advice) before you get burned. We have aggregated data from the best providers to give you extra information like the current weather conditions or the water temperature. Shoobie works worldwide and is available on iOS.

Shoobie is a slang word used in United State to describe people or families that go to the beach for just a couple of hours or during the weekend and we thought it was a perfect name for this fantastic app.

This app has been built by Jeremie Berduck. Senior Product Designer by day and Swift Developer at night, this app is the result of a unique multi-disciplinary culture built for more than 10 years, working in the mobile industry.

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Screenshots (original size)

Main screen

shoobie-screenshot-main-default shoobie-screenshot-main-default-dark shoobie-screenshot-main-stormy shoobie-screenshot-main-stormy-dark

shoobie-screenshot-main-sand shoobie-screenshot-main-sand-dark

Daily forecast

shoobie-screenshot-daily-default shoobie-screenshot-daily-default-dark shoobie-screenshot-daily-stormy shoobie-screenshot-daily-stormy-dark

shoobie-screenshot-daily-sand shoobie-screenshot-daily-sand-dark


App Icon

shoobie-appicon shoobie-appicon-dark





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