Where is Shoobie sourcing this data from?

Shoobie is aggregating the information you need and displaying it intuitively from the following providers and sources:

We're always experimenting new providers, so this list can be updated any time.

What does "Sunburn" mean?

Based on the UV Index of your location, we can calculate how long you can stay under the sun before you're likely to end up with a sunburn.

Because all of our skin is different and unique to who we are, some people may be more sensitive than others and experience sunburn in a shorter amount of time. We must therefore emphasize that this information should not be considered medical advice and we are not responsible for its accuracy.

It's your responsibility to use the appropriate sun protection.

Does Shoobie work worldwide?

Yes of course! We're limiting the auto-location feature to a distance of 40km from the sea. You can look for your preferred beach from the menu.

How accurate is the data provided by Shoobie?

We're doing our best to provide you with accurate information by choosing the right data sources and providers. If you have any feedback on this topic, or if you're experiencing issues with the data displayed, please feel free to contact us by email at or on Twitter @ShoobieApp .

Why this app is not fully available for free?

It took us quite a bit of effort to pull together this app and we feel that we should be paid for the time we put in.

We also are being charged to access the data incorporated into the app and need to cover those costs.

What about accessibility?

This app supports the default accessibility feature available on iOS 14. For example, no transitions or visual effect are displayed if you turn on the "Reduce Motion Effect" on your phone. We're also supporting the Dynamic font type, Voice Over, Enhanced contrast...

Our apps are inclusive and we're doing our best to provide access to them to all users, whoever they are.

Why just supporting iOS 14?

This app is using SwiftUI (if you want to know more about SwiftUI, click here) and it's sadly not possible to support older iOS versions. One reason for this choice was to effectively future proof Shoobie and ensure functionality for future iOS versions.

Why Shoobie?

Shoobie is a slang word used in United State to describe people or families that go to the beach for just a couple of hours or during the weekend and we thought it was a perfect name for this fantastic app.

How can I contact you?

We'd like to hear about you. You can contact us on Twitter @ShoobieApp or via email at