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Shoobie makes it easy for you to make the most out of the sun.

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The easiest way to know when the next tide is

When should we go to the beach to make sure our towel doesn't get wet at hight tide?

Shoobie can quickly find where you are to provide you relevant tide information.

Want to know a bit more about the next high and low tides? Just tap on the box and you will see all tide details.


Protecting our planet is now an obligation for everybody during this climate emergency. We're using the time for the app to load for displaying important messages about the Ocean. Wherever you are going to enjoy the sun, it's our responsibility to reduce our footprint and preserve our habitat.

Shoobie is fully compatible with the last iOS Accessibility features (motion reductions, voice over, dynamic types) and provides an extra contrasted mode for people suffering from color blindness.

And yes, of course, Shoobie also works in dark mode.

in the Press

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Shoobie est une app iOS qui tombe à pic pour les vacances d’été.

Indie Dev Monday - US ▸

Shoobie helps you to make the best out of the beach by providing every information you need to go at the best moment of the day.

We value your privacy!

NO • Hidden tracking system

Shoobie does not contain any third party or custom tracking system. We don’t want your data and have no interest in helping huge corporations track you as you do something as simple as going to the beach.

NO • Private information required

Shoobie does not ask for any personal information. Users don't even need to provide personal details when reporting any issue.

We don’t want to know who you are, not because we don’t care, but because we believe storing personal information is a BIG responsibility that requires extensive planning and ongoing effort.

We would rather focus is on crafting desirable products and we want to keep it this way…

NO • Location stored

We do not store ANYTHING related to our users' activity. You are completely anonymous to us and we are not hiding any product improvement excuses to track you or your behavior with our app.

Therefore, we are not selling any personal information to anyone. We can make that guarantee because we simply don’t have anything to sell…

To be fully honest, we do like hearing from you, but it’s up to you reach out and send us a message on Twitter.