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Weather & Wind

Shoobie³ also provides you with the overall weather conditions for each hour, including temperature, wind speed...

Swell height and direction

For the surfers out there, catch those perfect waves with real-time information on swell height and direction.


This allows you to avoid any unexpected showers or storms that could ruin your beach plans.

7 days forecast

Shoobie³ empowers you to make the most of your beach days and sea sport sessions. Whether you're planning a family day out or a solo surfing trip, our app ensures that you are well-informed about the conditions that matter the most to you.

Water temperature

Shoobie³ provides you with accurate water temperature readings so you can plan your swim accordingly.


Get the UV index for the next 7 days to plan your beach trips when the sun is not too intense, especially if you have kids.

Homescreen Widgets

Widgets can be customized to display the specific weather information that is most relevant to you. For example, you can choose to display the hourly forecast, UV index, or any other weather parameter that you find important for your daily routine.


Don't miss the shot when it is safe to swim or play in beach activities based on the tide conditions.

Stay updated with live activity right from your home screen.

Detailed complications

Display the current temperature or weather conditions at a glance, eliminating the need to open the app.

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